Pyper, J. S., Chin, J., & Reeve, R. (2016). Thinking about professional literacies with mathematics, English language art, and science preservice teachers. Journal of Literacy and Technology, 17(3), 42-61.

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The intent of this article is to present our initial conceptualizations and thinking about the
literacies preservice teachers acquire and learn during their teacher preparation program.
Beginning with some general and global definitions of literacy, we then present our thinking
about these literacies in a school context, a teacher practice context, and then in a teacher
preparation context. The article closes with a design for an upcoming study of preservice
teachers’ acquisition of these literacies. The proposed study explores professional literacies
with primary/junior and intermediate/senior preservice teachers of Mathematics, English
Language Arts, and Science during teacher preparation curriculum courses.

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

mathematics educator and researcher | mathematics teacher (OCT) | and craft beer enthusiast! | he/him | #MSTE Coordinator, #PBLmathEd #CMESG #NCTM | @314_per
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