My daily dose of political philosophy� (and something that made me laugh out loud on the train! :-). Written in 1962, sounds and feels quite relevant today�)

�In the United States,� [and I add Canada] ��conservatism offers only a retrogressive utopia to circles best described as cranky, if not crankpot.� but wait, there�s more!

�In so far as it is not that, conservatism is a defensive gesture of businessmen and politicians who would defend the status quo but who are without ideas with which to do so.� (Wright Mills, 1962, p. 16)

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

mathematics educator and researcher | mathematics teacher (OCT) | and craft beer enthusiast! | he/him | #MSTE Coordinator, #PBLmathEd #CMESG #NCTM | @314_per
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