Secondary school learning of mthematics.

What drives me?

What upsets me?

What excites me?

About learning mathematics�

It IS social justice.

Math is used as a gate keeper to an ultimate goal many/most do not aspire.

People need to be critical thinkers in all their own ways – for voting, caring, participating, charity, consuming, disposing. This means thinking in a mathematical way, or having mathematical literacy.

Everyone can have mathematical literacy.

That there is a (not so subtle) prejudice and caste system of those who can do math and those who can�t. But the math attributes to this �doing� is for the very few elite that will only live in a math cultural milieu and thinking space.

No one should be considered less because they can�t do the �elite� math.

Everyone should be able to choose to engage in, appreciate, explore, critique the math in the world around them, just like we allow ourselves with respect to art galleries, or museums, or music. We choose, and we are literate to choose.

What is thinking if not a holistic complex almost unconscious perception, or act, or questioning?

No one has the right to close (arbitrarily defined? Socio-historically defines?) doors for another person. It is the teachers role and responsibility to open ALL the doors for the other�not just those the teacher perceives or is aware of, but ALL the doors the learner is or is not aware of.

For whom are you a champion? Why did you pick them for whom to be a champion?

How are you a champion? Do they know you are even there for them?

If you are a public servant, work for the whole public. If you want to only work for a potion of the public, a personally selected segment of society, go into private practice.

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

mathematics educator and researcher | mathematics teacher (OCT) | and craft beer enthusiast! | he/him | #MSTE Coordinator, #PBLmathEd #CMESG #NCTM | @314_per
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