PBL Cycle 1 Day 3 possibly melting brains! Such great thinking about the mathematical language teachers use for formative assessment, a) what they write in an assessment rubric or say to students to help students improve, and b) what it is mathematically they are looking for in student work � the mathematical knowledge, skills, concepts, abilities, and performance. The difference between teacher action for assessing and formative feedback for the purpose of improving student performance and teachers� marking and evaluating student achievement is a big conceptual wall to negotiate. Caught up in this thinking is appreciating formative feedback will occur over a period of days and feedback loops, where marking and evaluation is a �one-time� deal.

Sometimes conversation circled like sharks around the prize, and other times it felt like circling a drain � but in either situation, professional collaborative discussion pulled them towards a solution that worked for everyone!

The teachers� professional literacy is definitely being challenged and improved as the preservice teachers participate in a collective teacher discourse: they learn teacher practice from each other as well as learn teacher discourse from each other. Some terms get mixed up, and definitions need to be clarified, and sometimes misinterpretations arise, � and the level of professionalism in the discourse is outstanding!

Sample student work on the task is being tested against their rubrics :-), I wonder what they will find?

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

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