PBL 4 � day 1, Everyone has some mathematics that excited them, that made them think, wow! That is cool! And that mathematics might have been the inspiration for continuing learning math, and maybe to become a secondary school math teacher. This is their chance to show us the math that got them, and still gets them excited, and then find a connection, a relevance to the expectations of the mathematics curriculum, and turn their mathematics into a rich learning task (RLT) (see Flewelling & Higginson�s 2002 A handbook on rich learning tasks).

There is also something different with this PBL task, can you see the difference? Yes, it is shorter, and, it also does not list Learning Goals. Perhaps making this task a bit more open-ended, and maybe appearing less like a �school/course� learning activity. This is the fourth PBL cycle, and I am also wondering if the PBL protocol we have been using for that past three cycles and 13 meeting days has taken root in the preservice teachers� thinking when facing a problem of practice� has it started to become a professional practice �habit��

What math gets you excited! �> Rich Learning Tasks (RLTs).

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

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