PBL 3 � day 4, presentations, and self-assessment: #PBLmathEd #preservice #secondary #mathematics #PBL #planning #growthmindsets

PBL 3 � day 4, presentations, and self-assessment. The presentations were awesome! Five distinctly different approaches to course outlines, and all so very detailed from the perspective of student success first. Spiraling expectations, Backwards Design (UbD) approaches, summative tasks and exams, and coherency of a course from day 1 to day n, were the major learning points.

Self-assessment and peer-assessment: First, it can be very courageous to make yourself vulnerable with peers. But the benefit of a carefully structured approach to help navigate the action and the experience can be incredible for personal and professional growth. Second, it can require a lot of practice. It is not easy to tell others about something you think you could do to contribute more, to be a better team-member, and to take action and responsibility. The McMaster �mac sandwich� structure of i. say something positive, ii. Indicate an improvement, iii. Clarify how that improvement will have an effect on future contribution, professionalism, collaboration, productivity, is one of those carefully structured approaches. As stated and appreciated in the room, a growth mindset is not just for our secondary school students, but for us as teachers too.

Course Planning for secondary school mathematics � curriculum development and implementation.

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

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