PBL 3 � day 3, differentiation in higher ed! It sounds like every team was able to find their own direction and every person who wanted to was able to participate and produce what they felt was important. Very nice! Consolidating thinking around curriculum content (order, purpose, approach), and Achievement Categories, technology use, and formative assessment and summative assessment issues! How does it all fit together!? Just like the �real world� when teaching a new course means the course plan needs to be done before you have ever taught the course � normal! And even with teaching experience changes appear: new pedagogical approaches, a new curriculum, a new initiative from the education ministry/department or school board, means revising a course plan without having taught it yet � very normal! And frequent! ;-). Can�t wait to see what the teams learned, created, and decided upon in the final day presentations.

Course Planning for secondary school mathematics � curriculum development and implementation.

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

mathematics educator and researcher | mathematics teacher (OCT) | and craft beer enthusiast! | he/him | #MSTE Coordinator, #PBLmathEd #CMESG #NCTM | mathperceptionproject.ca @314_per
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