Inspired from the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) standards. This rubric was initially designed to be put up on the classroom wall of our classrooms for use by ourselves (myself and two other teachers in the school), and for our work with Preservice Teachers who were in our classrooms on practice teaching placements. That is the second version below — the ‘old 2012’ version. It then was modified when I was a teacher educator in a teacher preparation program for use with Preservice Teachers during their learning within a teacher preparation program course — for some insight in to the quality of their writing, and some for insight into their teaching practice development. Now, I think it serves well for me as a teacher in an elementary and secondary school classroom for my own professional reflection, insight, and improvement. (I imagine I will update and improve upon this over time too.)

New, 2022, version…

Old, 2012, version…

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