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Jamie S. Pyper

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Graduate Faculty.

Coordinator: Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Group

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My Path in Mathematics Education

1989 – B. Math Hons Co-op

University of Waterloo. Dramatic Arts minor, Computer Science work terms.

1990 – B.Ed

University of Toronto (Intermediate/Senior Mathematics & Computer Science)

1990-91 – Teaching at NACI

Etobicoke Board of Education (mathematics & computer science)

1991 – Teaching at CRSS

London District School Board (LDSB) (mathematics & science)

1992 – Summer School New Credit Teacher

LDSB (Gr 12 Advanced mathematics)

1993 – Honours Math Specialist

University of Western Ontario

1994 – Summer School Remedial Teacher

1994 – 1996: LDSB (grade 9 mathematics)

1995 – Department Headship – Program Coordinator

1995 – 1996 The G.A. Wheable Adult Education Centre (LDSB) (mathematics for night school and adult day school)

1996 – Summer School (Remedial) Teacher and Department Head

1996 – 1998 LDSB (then TVDSB (Thames Valley District School Board)) (grade 9 mathematics – student-centred redesign)

1996 – Department Head of Mathematics

1996 – 2001 Beal SS, LDSB (mathematics)

1999 – Summer School (Remedial program) VP


2000 – Summer School (Remedial) Principal

2000 & 2001 TVDSB

2001 – Secondment at Esso Centre for Mathematics Education

2001 -2009: University of Western Ontario: Faculty of Education and Mathematics & Statistics Department (Secondment from the TVSB). Concurrent mathematics/education coordinator and instructor; PJ/JI/IS mathematics education instructor.

2002 – M.Ed

University of Western Ontario


Thesis Title: “When Public Curriculum Reform Feels Personal: An Inquiry into the Experience of the Secondary School Math Teacher During the Implementation of OSS 1999”


2009 – Department Head Glencoe DHS


2009 – PhD OISE

(2006-2009) Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto


Thesis Title: “Preservice Mathematics Teacher Efficacy: The Nature and Contributing Factors of the Preservice Program”


2011 – Assistant Professor

Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. Coordinator of MSTE Group. I/S mathematics education instructor. Graduate Faculty (course instructor, M.Ed./Ph.D. student supervision).