A visual metaphor! Spiral approach to curriculum, spiral stairs� always going to get you somewhere! Especially if you step carefully and watch what you are doing along the way. Use the handrails (scaffolding)! You can always see where you came from, and where you are going. (Umea, Sweden train station)

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Jamie Pyper

Jamie Pyper

mathematics educator and researcher | mathematics teacher (OCT) | and craft beer enthusiast! | he/him | #MSTE Coordinator, #PBLmathEd #CMESG #NCTM | mathperceptionproject.ca @314_per
Previous post Cool and comfy seats in the Umea University MIT building! I can�t remember� what is the name for a 3-D solid that has a hole or point of convergence of the sides and faces in the centre like this? I wonder if a person�s body would fill the Centre so that the volume matches the volume of an associated solid? How much fun would it be to do my math homework in �chairs� like this on a rug like this!?! :-)
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